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Info Marks

Somewhat transparent graphics indicating other games status.
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I imagine a rectangle representing the football field with a triangle indicating team's position on the field and direction. Three letter abbreviations on either side would indicate which teams are playing and which side they need to get to to score. A text box above could indicate down & distance during plays and several other things after plays. (Play result, Penalty & what for, Injury & whom, or change in status occurances such as interceptions & fumbles.)
If you don't really want to pay for a game that is likely to be a 40 point route you can watch it on the Info Marks for a much smaller fee. I also imagine that you could by remote highlight a specific Info Mark and watch the action for a percentage fee. (25% of game watched - 25% fee paid). You might even be able to watch the Nat. Geographic channel and still follow the games periferally!
Zimmy, Sep 23 2003


       Guess: this is like the "radar" image commonly seen on sports video games, only with much more detail and not relating to the main screen game.
calum, Sep 24 2003

bristolz, Sep 24 2003

       So it'd be like a radar on video games? Pretty cool, but I don't watch sports too much...
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       With Info Marks you could watch anything and still keep up on the scores as they would be on the left and right hand side of the screen in semi - transpanency. As an added bonus, they could blink when there was a change in score. I envisioned a 1:10 mark to screen ration in width, so you would still have 80% completely unobscured vision on whatever program you were watching and 20% partially obscured.
Zimmy, Sep 30 2003


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