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Instant Playcalling

LED script box incorporated into facemask
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Reduce the time it takes to relay plays by encrypting a signal and having the play displayed on a script box on the inside of players facemasks.
This may gain more fans as it seems many Europeans tend to dislike the discontinued action aspect of American football to the extent where they neglect to appreciate the strategical complexitities and finer nuances of the sport.
Aside, Why do these same people not curse baseball in the same manner? Baseball has much strategy, but is often quite boring to watch on the "Telly".
As a final note, When I played football, I was mostly concentrating on Impressing the College entrance people, therefore, I felt it necessary to spend most of my energies on acedemics. I did not have the time to devote to memorizing a somewhat complex playbook and found myself in situations where "oh, crap! I'm getting the ball and I know I'm supposed to go to the left and I hope that's all there is to it" happened.
With an LED script box you could personalize play information by position (possibly).
Zimmy, Jul 17 2003


       Heads up display for players. Kewl.   

       That would allow it for me to play too.
sartep, Jul 18 2003

       *player looks at his LED in-helmet display out of the corner of his eye*   

       Hmmm...was I supposed to go right, then turn...!!OOF!!!   

       *very large neanderthal type human slams into him, crushing the above mentioned LED in-helmet display into his head*
vendetta, Jul 18 2003


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