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House Bread

house shaped loaf
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House Bread is a loaf where the profile of each slice is that of a classic house shape. ie a sort of square with a triangular roof and some cut out window and door shapes.

It's designed to turn the making and eating of healthy sandwiches into something that children can enjoy, as they decorate the exterior or fill the interior of each slice with imaginative food items.

xenzag, Dec 18 2010

cut it out http://www.istockph...ouse-from-bread.jpg
[xandram, Dec 20 2010]


       A little carrot-stick picket fence, some cauliflower clouds...maybe a fruit salad rainbow.
Yeah I could see this being a hit at lunch.

       Turn it into a monster for boys and... well, idk about girls. Maybe the house will work for them.
daseva, Dec 18 2010

       Yup, just include a little vacuum cleaner and a washing machine ...   

       <dives for cover>
8th of 7, Dec 18 2010

       This is cute [+] sorry I had missed it earlier!
xandram, Dec 20 2010

       [+] I'd bake this just for the novelty.. but I also see this as something that gets some unfortunate kid beat up at school because the house shaped sandwich that his mommy made would encourage excessive teasing.
Jscotty, Dec 22 2010

       We were so poor, my sandwiches were only a doorstep.
marklar, Dec 22 2010

       If you made a toad in a hole it would look like a giant amoeba was eating the house. ++
nomocrow, Dec 22 2010

       //little vacuum cleaner and a washing machine//   

       Too bloody right. And if you all could teach them not to bitch and moan about tuesday's poker night, and thursday's bowling night, and monday night football, and friday's drinking with the boys night, and to stop posing theoretical assumptions about how a strand of brunette hair got onto my suit jacket, and that the remote control belongs in the hands of men...   

       //<dives for cover>//   

       I wouldn't worry too much [8th]. If *they* are on the internet then *they* are wrong... unless the kitchen has WiFi.
MikeD, Dec 22 2010


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