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HowDidIGetHere browser addon

tab hover gives you the search terms and parent page that lead you here
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You can finally remember what you were searching for that brought you to this page.

Tab hover shows you the search terms and parent page that lead you here. Not the same as history, it mainly follows your search terms entry and shows them when requested.

pashute, Jul 20 2015


       Didn't we do this already ?
normzone, Jul 20 2015

       This idea is so obvious [+] that I doubt that no one ever thought of it. But I don't find it in Firefox or Opera. - The idea is incomplete, though. Don't stop at the parent page but have a whole history list for the current tab, including search terms and link texts which you have followed until you mysteriously again got to this stunning nude beauty who for you might well be the dead end of the internet.
Toto Anders, Jul 20 2015


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