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a better web archive service run as a social network
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This web archiving site has a list of supported websites. Anyone can request linksaver support for a website, and with enough requests, or with high popularity of the website, it would add support.

For supported websites, either a browser addon or, better, an extra js gadget given to the website developers, would allow users looking at the website content to request archiving of links.

For example: Halfbakery links would have a little "Save on LinkSaver" button next to them if they are not already archived, with the number of link saving requests on it. If enough people request it (say 3 for large volume websites, 10 for smaller ones) then it will be archived. Then a link from 2010 could still be available in 2013.

pashute, May 12 2010


       I expect this would work just as a browser plugin - no site modification required.   

       I also expect someone has baked this (or something just like it), but I don't know.
phoenix, May 12 2010

       Why do we need this over archive.org?
jutta, May 12 2010

       I don't get it... "Save" not good enough for you ?
FlyingToaster, May 12 2010


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