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Human Bowling

"Be the ball, be the ball..." In this game, you ARE the ball...and pins.
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For all you painseekers out there, a new way to injure yourselves! The only sport where you actually ARE the ball.

This is a team sport. You can play with any amouth of players over 3, but scoring is easier with 5 or 10 players. In a 10-player game, each player bowls one frame. In a 5-player game, each player bowls 2 frames. And so on and so forth. Same rules apply as normal bowling. Except for these major differences. The "ball" is human and the "pins" are too. Basicly, the "ball" charges towards the "pins" and tries to knock them down. Only the headpin can stick out a part of his body for protection. The "pins" line up in the same pyramid formation as in normal bowling.


HomerX, Sep 24 2002

Zorb video footage http://www.zorb.com/video_main.htm
Humans in balls. Time hangs heavy on your hands, down in In Zid. [General Washington, Sep 24 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Sounds like you want to get yourself to Godzone & go zorbing, HomerX, work off some of that excess energy [link coming right up].
General Washington, Sep 24 2002

       Zorbowling - with giant Nerf pins standing at the bottom of a hill.
half, Sep 24 2002

       Great idea although isn't there something remarkably similar on takeshi's castle
dan23, Feb 25 2004


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