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People-Stuck-in-a-Large-Ball Billiards

Stuck in a ball
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Everyone is stuck in a ball. They are on a giant pool table playing field. One person is the cue ball and must chase other players and knock them in the holes. The other players can only move when the cue ball is moving.

Have fun.

Optional: Play with two teams. One is stripes, the other, solids.

DesertFox, Jun 01 2004

Zorb http://www.zorb.com/thumbnails.htm
I presume this is what you are talking about...? [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       But sadly, the others turn on cue ball, and now it is 15 to one. Every time cue takes a step (or rolls an inch), so do the others, moving towards him. Panicked, he runs (or rolls) for it, but is soon stuffed in a hole. Scratched.
ldischler, Jun 01 2004

       Fine. Play with two teams. One is stripes, the others, solids.
DesertFox, Jun 01 2004

       and how about each billiard ball in turn has two independant balls, lets say of different color to keep things interesting. great idea gringo, i'll give that a go at league night this week.
selbedo, Jun 01 2004

       Rather than pockets, I would suggest a raised field (slightly - two feet, say, just enough not to be able to roll back up without help), the object being simply to knock opposing players off the field. Then you could play king of the hill as well as skins versus shirts.
DrCurry, Jun 01 2004

       Good idea, drcurry
DesertFox, Jun 01 2004

       I *only* have good ideas! (Just ignore all those fish on my account page...)
DrCurry, Jun 01 2004


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