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Jumbo Golf Land

Ever wonder how a miniature golf ball feels?
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Loosely inspired by the Golf Cemetery idea and its ensuing discussion.

Miniature golf is fun and all, but it just feels so passive. You hit the ball, it rolls, you hit it again only to see it smash up against a windmill roughly 200 times, then you pick it up and place it in the cup...

What if you could go to a theme park where YOU are in effect the miniature golf ball, and all the rides are reminiscent of mini-golf holes? There would be, of course, 18 holes, I mean rides. Whether it be a harrowing trip through the belly of a dinosaur, or a rough ride through a quaint German village, you will roll through the day with a smile on your face.

And just for fun, there would be a real mini-golf course.

I'll probably think of more details as time passes, but this is the basic framework of the idea.


Some additions:

Par ride rating: 1 = kids stuff, 3 = mildly exciting, 5 = you ****ing want me to ride that?

Zorb slides (wet or dry)

"The Sand Trap" - a sandbox

All rides begin with a giant golf club type thing hitting the ride car/ball. Eateries called "country clubs."

Maybe base park on several famous minigolf courses around the world?

polartomato, Jun 29 2002

*BE* the ball http://www.zorb.com/
extra realistic [chud, Jun 29 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Gazillions of actual miniature golf courses http://dmoz.org/Spo...ature_Golf/Courses/
Including 2 online courses for fun. [polartomato, Jun 30 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Friendly Animal Babies 10/15/04 http://www.umop.com/fab/5_4.jpg
Written and drawn by David C. Lovelace. [jutta, Dec 22 2004]


       You could simulate this, with two immersive systems, one for the passive (ball) person, and another for the active (golfer). There already are artificial golf courses, where you hit a ball & a film advances accordig to how well you hit it. This could finally make playing golf with the boss a pleasure. Perhaps the 'ball' person could have a sensor in the seat of their pants & the golfer hit them directly..
pfperry, Jun 29 2002

       lol. Time to respond to my own idea: Virtual simulated mini-golf, where you are the golf ball, already probably exists and I will try to find a link. I think it exists for pinball, and I was thinking that a variant of this whole park would be a Pinball theme park where you are a pinball instead. I dunno, it's always looked fun to me. As for the digital role-play golf, maybe that's a separate idea altogether... but you could implement it in any strip mall for less cost.
polartomato, Jun 30 2002

       This is a cool idea! It would be fun going through all the mini courses in a golf ball roller coaster and it just be so cool to see and experience this.
darkknight_152002, Jul 26 2003


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