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Mem Protect Pill

Take a pill a day to gain a golden hour
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People who are at high risk of stroke or fatal heart attack should be able to daily take a drug that - in the event of the big one - activates to give them time to be rushed to a hospital and revived.

It might release a trickle of oxygen - just enough to barely keep cells alive. Or more likely it might release a cellular activity suppression substance so that cells conserve what oxygen is left near them. Perhaps the drug simply instantly chills the body via an endothermic reaction - it is well known that a very low body temperature can allow a person to survive without breathing for a relatively long period.

Perhaps the drug is nano-encapsulated with a multi-level seal that starts to un-ravel in the presence of CO2, but re-closes in it's absence - so only really high concentrations of CO2 in the blood will make it fully open and release the drug.

TomRC, Jun 18 2003


waugsqueke, Jun 18 2003

       gets rid of your hangover too. bloody miracle drug, I say.
po, Jun 18 2003

       TomRC - you have a seed of an idea here, unfortunately right at the end after your magical invokations. The idea of a drug which would only release at a high blood acid level is interesting - high blood acids occur in people who have stopped breathing or have other severe metabolic problems. This could be an idea in and of itself, but folks would ask - OK, you got the when, but how about the what?   

       The question is - what should this emergency drug be? I think you have put people off by giving them too many options. The cellular metabolic suppression idea is not a bad one; some people think acidic blood does this already, and maybe some sort of additional thing could help. I seem to recall hearing that the burst of oxygen cells receive after going without can be very damaging - maybe a free radical scavenger like vitamin C would be good.   

       I liked the red plants idea too, by the way.
bungston, Jun 18 2003


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