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Human block hotel

There is an affordable housing shortage. Imagine a crane and a building that is filled with capsules for human sleeping, when you want to go to sleep, you get into an empty capsule and the door closes and then you are picked up by the crane and put onto a pile of capsules. When you want to get out, you press a button and the crane moves boxes around to get you out. People at the bottom wait longer to get out but they do get out eventually. There would be emergency failsafes too, in case you get stuck.
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If you have a building that is filled with capsules that are enough space to sleep in, you can fill a regular house with these capsules, the crane needs space to work.

This is a bit like the automated car parks and shipping containers that Chinese ports use but applied for accommodation.

The accommodation would have a shared bathroom and lounge.

You can sleep extremely cheaply as nobody would want to sleep in this kind of shelter.

chronological, Jul 24 2022

Prisons, union workshops, and work houses https://www.youtube...watch?v=1J1Yz_RNzJ4
[Voice, Jul 27 2022]


       //You can sleep extremely cheaply as nobody would want to sleep in this kind of shelter.//   

       The same effect can be achieved by forbidding blankets.   

       Adding a crane does nothing to make this affordable.   

       To inexpensively house many people you want a hostel. Charge a charity, the government, or the inhabitants $20 per night for the privilege of sleeping on a cot in a common room. Breakfast is provided and consists of eggs and bread. All non-cot space is a common area. Showers are communal. There is a wide steel basin for a urinal and non-flush toilets. Troublemakers can be voted off the premises or, in extreme cases, just kicked out by management.
Voice, Jul 24 2022

       Unless I miss my guess and things change trend drastically very soon, then I do believe you've just described every urban inner city existence in the not too distant future.   

       Sure do hope I'm wrong...
true story

       I'm trying to maximise the storage capacity of people sleeping in a fixed space.   

       An average house in the UK is 18 feet across or 5 metres. How many people shaped capsule boxes can you fit in that?   

       According to the internet, a capsule hotel room is 1.2m wide, 2m long, and 1m tall. Along one dimension you can fit 9 people. Average height of one storey is 12 feet 3.6 metres. Average height of two storey is 24 feet or over 7 metres.   

       9 × 7 = 63 people   

       The problems with hostels is that they're not space efficient.
chronological, Jul 25 2022

       //18 feet across or 18 metres//   

pertinax, Jul 25 2022

       Affordable housing problem is nothing to do with efficient use of space and everything to do with financialisation and planning controls
pocmloc, Jul 25 2022

       ... not forgetting the Iron Law of Wages.
pertinax, Jul 25 2022

       Whatever the living conditions adding stairs and floors for people to access their rabbit hutch/pod/capsule/cardboard box/7 square meters of living space will cost less than a crane. I'm not objecting based on dignity, I'm pointing out this won't actually save money.

//Along one dimension you can fit 9 people. Average height of one storey is 12 feet 3.6 metres. Average height of two storey is 24 feet or over 7 metres.//

You're missing the extra space for temporary stacks. Where is the crane going to put the extra pods while it reaches that one at the bottom? Also you're going to need space between pods to supply air.

But while we're acknowledging these are living entities you're proposing to stack we need to also list medical emergencies, the increased cost of renovating a pod where someone has been forced to wait an extra X minutes, and the area where people will have to wait to get into their pods.

You have optimized for space density, but if you're REALLY optimizing for space density you can do it cheaper with a couple of 9mm bullets per person, and if that doesn't seem like the ideal solution you're going to need more than tight-packed boxes to house them.
Voice, Jul 25 2022

       // a couple of 9mm bullets per person //   

       A single 22LR properly placed will work as well. Mechanism could ideally be built into the bed, and the pillow will act as a silencer.   

       “Now I lay me down to sleep…”
a1, Jul 26 2022

       Waste of good beds and pillows
pocmloc, Jul 26 2022

       ...and perfectly good rounds.   

       Many hands make for short work.   

       I know this is a bit left- field, but there's also the option of, um, not killing everyone.
pertinax, Jul 27 2022

       That's what I was trying to say, although less elegantly.   


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