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Idiot scaling company

You can generate trillions in revenue by applying stupidity to problems. A stupid problem has a stupid solution that works. There's no shortage of idiots or stupids. This idea is that we try profit from a) benefitting idiots/stupidity b) being honest but stupid and c) not deceiving them
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If you have a company of software engineers, you need 10x more developers who are idiots to do the same work than a couple of rockstar developers.

So I propose we solve the unemployment problem and the poverty problem by employing idiots to work on tasks. When people are stupid, we tell them to solve the stupid problem they caused. So the stupid people are always working on solving problems better, stupidly.

This is a bit like Inefficient Design on this website.

I think it would be amusing. There would be a not-stupid company that would legislate what the idiots need to work on and solve.

Stupidity doesn't need to cause damage, it can be applied to productive ends.

chronological, Aug 01 2022


       You have the flour, but it needs a couple more ingredients. [-]
Voice, Aug 01 2022

       This brings to mind the whole reason I came to this site and lurked for a year.   

       "I work with idiots" was the idea, and it was the one that really caught my eye. It may have had something to do with the place I was employed during that time, or not. I just loved it.
blissmiss, Aug 01 2022

       This is a stupid idea [+]
pocmloc, Aug 02 2022

       If you can learn how to scale idiots you'll become very wealthy. There's no shortage of idiots. If all you have is stupid, then create stupidade.
chronological, Aug 02 2022

       //If all you have is stupid, then create stupidade.//   


       Some of the smartest people I've met are stupid.
Sgt Teacup, Aug 02 2022

       WIFRT, I thought of "scaling" in the sense of "climbing up", and imagined first a team of midgets with ropes and grapples painstakingly summiting an idiot.   

       And then I thought of full- size people scrambling to get over a wall that was twenty feet high but only ten feet wide, and open at both ends.   

       And then I thought, no, it could be people who have exhausted the possibilities of tattoos and piercings, and would like to start turning into reptiles, possibly in homage to Jim Morrison. Or maybe into fish, with reference to H P Lovecraft.   

       But then I read the idea. And I have to say it's a bit disappointing. The idea that most people should be treated as idiots, and shepherded for their own good by a small class of supposed non- idiots has been a large part of social science for generations, and has not turned out well so far.   

       Where it goes wrong is not in its assumption that most people are idiots, but in its assumption that the minority studying then are not, and that the majority won't notice that they are being treated as idiots, and won't resent it.   

       A better starting point is to assume that we are all potential idiots, and have to learn from each other, instead of dividing into the subjects and the objects of expert study. It turns out, people don't like being objectified.
pertinax, Aug 02 2022

       WKTE. Military/Industrial specialization, Anglo-Saxon style, has already chopped people into pieces by assuming most people are too stupid for anything but specialization, or making them stupid enough to accept it. This includes Ph.D specialization and IT people, who are regularly called "code monkeys". The glacial, combined accomplishments of thousands of people providing simple answers which collide in combination is the definition of any computer or government system.
4and20, Aug 03 2022

       It's actually not a bad idea to farm for solutions to problems, lots of them, no matter how stupid they seem on face value. The trick is getting a selection procedure that works and isn't too expensive.   

       This is essentially how biology has done it. Biology is full of eye-wateringly elegant solutions, and absolute hack-jobs. But if they work, the organism survives and replicates. i read something about evolutionary/selective algorithms being used for circuit design a while ago. Random components added to boards but not connected, and then turning out to modify the magnetic field of the component adjacent to it etc.
bs0u0155, Aug 03 2022

       //I thought of "scaling" in the sense of "climbing up"//   

       I thought of it in the sense of what you do with a sharp knife to a fish .. which led to several almost simultaneous intertwined threads of thought in my head which in no particular order might be roughly labelled.   

       "But idiots don't have scales"   

       "Why are we scaling them? are we going to cook them?"   

       "That's going to cause a mess"   

       //in no particular order// accept this last one, it came a somewhat belated last after all the interesting ones for some reason.   

       "Are the idiots doing the scaling or being scaled?"
Skewed, Aug 07 2022

       Are we still allowed to call idiots idiots?
Should we be scaling the intellectually-challenged instead?

       Very few people from the permanently offended set, being mostly young whippersnappers under seventy, will even recognise the word as one referencing any sort of condition or group rather than simply being a general derogatory term that can be applied with equal accuracy to anyone you like .. or don't like, as the case may be.   

       Because it pretty much lost its original meaning in common parlance of someone with an IQ of between 0 and 25 decades ago .. so .. the idiots won't know were talking about them, not that they ever did of course.   

       We're probably safe using the word as a result.
Skewed, Aug 07 2022

       There will always be people willing and anxious to be offended on others behalf. Without pearls to clutch they would have to invent some.
Voice, Aug 08 2022

       True but the point I was making is that as they don't know the word refers to any actual specific others they can't know there are any others to be offended for.   

       Ignorance makes them like a starving blind man with anosmia before a plate of food, he won't reach for it because he doesn't know it's there.
Skewed, Aug 08 2022

       I am using the word "scale" in the business sense, to multiply operations so that they handle more and more input for the least cost possible and for the most benefit or profit as possible.
chronological, Aug 09 2022

       We know, we were just expressing our disappointment at your singular lack of imagination ;)
Skewed, Aug 09 2022

       I liked the idea of climbing the idiots.
We would need Sherpas.


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