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Ideological matching up

Find people who believe the same things as you
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Answer a lots of questions about various beliefs and be matched to people like you.

So you can have a discussion with people who believe in the same things.

chronological, May 14 2020


       omg, you've invented facebook and twitter, let me get Peter Thiel on the line...
theircompetitor, May 14 2020

       No-one in the world believe in the same things as you!   

       Well, no-one believes in the same things as me, and assuming that everyone else is the same as me, that is the logical conclusion!
pocmloc, May 14 2020

       "Congratulations ! We've matched you with s short, dark-haired Austrian with a comb-over and a toothbrush moustache ..."
8th of 7, May 14 2020


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