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Humid climate gloves

Gloves for Humid Climates
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i was wondering if self wetting gloves could be used in humid tropical climes .. like in a place that i am currently at .. if you got ac and it's on hi, this aint a problem, but else it is quite annoying.

i have been dousing a towel at nite, and laying it on my pillow every few hours, and that seems to work. but during the day, mostly when i am typing (like this :-) at the local cyber cafe, that would be really nice. what do the other bakespersons think??

ps: what a wonderful site!!

single_m_baker, May 26 2002

Personal Cooling System http://www.sharperi...&pcatid=1&catid=112
[phoenix, May 26 2002]

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       is it a cooling device that you are after? how will it work exactly? p.s. yes we think so, welcome.
po, May 26 2002

       I am wondering whether cooling by evaporation is such a good idea in a humid climate? You'd be better off drinking plenty and buying a fan, wouldn't you?   

       Not that i'm in a position to know, mind you!
yamahito, May 26 2002


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