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Hummingbird Gray-Hair Remover

A natural service provided by trained birds to help remove your gray
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Hummingbirds build nests in my yard. They seem to prefer small fibers (hair) in making their small nests.

They also prefer camouflage in their nesting materials to avoid predators eating their little jelly-bean-sized eggs.

Also, some people really don't like getting gray hairs on their head, & buy toxic chemicals to apply to their head to delay total scalp whiteness.

At the intersection of these issues lies a new product:

The "Hummingbird Gray Hair Remover" is a kit/small business with:

1) A tent

2) Flowers, scents, & branches (white colored) which will make a luscious inviting environment for local hummingbirds to get food & shelter.

3) Nesting material containing a few white/gray human hairs.

Once the birds get conditioned to using this setup, you can rent the tent out to middle-aged people as a service.

They simply stop in & pay for a 1 hour session. They sit & play games on their phone quietly, while the birds nimbly pick off the customer's gray hairs.

It's a win for all.

sophocles, Apr 23 2017


       I'm bald enough now, THANKS.
AusCan531, Apr 24 2017


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