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Keyhole TM

Imagine a massive building where each room is robotically suspended and the machine can move rooms around arbitrarily
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You go into the reception of the business and a gentleman with a hat serves you.

You get some keys and these are a route home.

Between each room is an elevator. You place your metal physical key into the keyhole slot of the elevator and this decides which room you go to next.

Each room is like a movie set with a different theme. You have bars, cabaret bars, restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops all electronically combined in one building by robotic sleight of hand.

The logo of the company would be a keyhole.

chronological, May 18 2020


       Is the destination room a function of key choice alone, or a function of the combination of key choice and current room?   

       Also, if you had to call for help from inside the elevator, how would you convey to any potential rescuer your current position?
pertinax, May 18 2020

       There would presumably be a second set of independent service lifts and passageways, and some kind of indexing or co-ordinate system to keep track of which room and lift is where, and to stop rooms bumping into each other.
pocmloc, May 18 2020


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