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Hunter / Gatherer Wilderness Adventure Park

Want lunch? Gotta find it.
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Patrons spend the day hiking, running around, playing in the river but when it comes time to eat, they need to work for it.

Inspired by the easter egg hunt, this takes it to a new level. You eat at numerous kiosks and restaurants around the park, but you need to bring tokens that you've foraged to cash in for food.

These tokens are hidden before the park opens in things like plastic easter eggs and mechanical rabbits that zip by and only stop when hit with a well placed throw from the provided plastic balls.

A cutout of a bird might pop up on a tree branch, you throw your foam spear at it and if you hit it, a token for a barbecued chicken falls out of the tree. Occasionally a deer on rails zips by and it might take several foam spears to stop it, but if everybody gets together and gets their timing right, all will feast since it's loaded with tokens for everything from hot dogs, mac & cheese to burritos and even cupcakes for dessert.

Loin cloth optional.

doctorremulac3, Apr 25 2014

You could use this as some kind of model. http://www.behance....Mycenaeans/14053005
[xandram, Apr 29 2014]

Cave hotel room http://www.thrillis...nj-feather-nest-inn
Scroll down to the 4th one. [doctorremulac3, Apr 29 2014]


       For our particular nation, I'd recommend less caloric foods for awhile.
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2014

       How is it paid for? If it's paid for up front, you would need a way to make sure everyone got the same amount of food.
DIYMatt, Apr 25 2014

       Needs more atlatls.
swimswim, Apr 25 2014

       Foraging is hardly done by finding plastic eggs or mechanical rabbits! It needs to be much harder than that!
xandram, Apr 25 2014

       [+] but what [xandram] said ^, perhaps superseed an area, then bring people out camping to survive on nuts, berries and 'shrooms for a week.
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2014

       //How is it paid for?//   

       Buffet style. All you can catch.
doctorremulac3, Apr 25 2014

       " Occasionally a deer on rails zips by "   

       The video game crowd would so work this. Picturing large groups of gamers camped in the known zones, monopolizing the deer analogs.
normzone, Apr 25 2014

pashute, Apr 26 2014

       I've been reading a lot about Food Forrests lately, so I was assuming this would be a lot less artificial and it would just be a forest of mostly edible plants that people were released into with a small manual so that they could then gather up FRESH salad items which could then be brought to a kiosk where the items would be washed and prepared.
MisterQED, Apr 28 2014

       ...and then traded for hot dogs and cotton candy?
doctorremulac3, Apr 28 2014

       I would like to see the real version of this where you accompany people who actually know all of the edible plants and the tricks to be able to hunt/gather successfully. I would pay to rough-it for a week or two to learn these things first hand.   

normzone, Apr 28 2014

       This is brilliant, and I would pay to go.+
blissmiss, Apr 29 2014

       [2 fries] I took a similar course at The Omega Institute with Native American herbalists and Pacific Northwest Trackers. It was very cool and I learned a lot. I have been a self-taught wild plant identifier since I was a teenager, although only for the vegetation in my little corner of New England. That is why I shunned the plastic eggs, although this could be a good idea.
Also, I could drop the deer at the carnival with the fake shotgun every time!!
xandram, Apr 29 2014

       Cool. I've spent a lot of time alone in the bush but I don't know that I'd be able to survive for very long without my gear.   

       I'm a bit surprised nobody has come up with something like this after the success of the Hunger Games movies. Running around in a natural setting that's had some kind of technology added to enhance the experience seems like a great idea.   

       For one thing, it would be a fraction of the cost of a theme park you built with concrete and steel. Just add neat little features to the existing flora, but some kiosks here and there, charge an arm and a leg to get in and make a mint.   

       When I've mentioned this idea people seem to get very excited about it. The first Halfbakery Ventures Inc project perhaps? Any venture capitalists out there?
doctorremulac3, Apr 29 2014

       "Sorry sir, that's a raccoon; you'll have to put it back".
FlyingToaster, Apr 29 2014

       I'm picturing a control center very much like those seen in The Prisoner, The Hunger Games, Westworld or Jurassic Park.   

       These parks would be incorporating aspects of these popular new group iron man events going on such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Death Race etc.   

       I'd rather run around a natural setting chasing and throwing things like an idiot than stand in line for hours to be shaken around for a few seconds in a roller coaster. And how many featured pop up hunting targets could you buy for the price of a roller coaster? It would be the closest you could come to walking into a video game.   

       I'm thinking "Caveman Adventure Park" might be a better name. People could come dressed up in their finest Flintstones garb. Get back to our roots when we were all savages without iPhones.   

       For those who can afford it, the Wispering Caves Hotel gives you the comforts of central air, soft beds, a hot tub in every room with the excitement of fiberglass faux stone walls, floors and ceilings. Room service is available for those who don't feel like foraging today. (see link)
doctorremulac3, Apr 29 2014

       Montana would be an excellent fit.
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2014

       Nor Cal has plenty of foresty areas a close drive to the Bay Area and it's 7 million people. We've got more money than we know what to do with due to Silicon Valley and being the main center of venture capital outside of New York. And I think we're closer to our animal past than most. Witness Haight Ashbury in the 1960s. Charge $100 bucks admission to run around like a maniac among the redwoods throwing stuff at robots? I could see it.
doctorremulac3, Apr 29 2014

       hmmm, you really want a location where the insects and reptiles are a little friendlier to the uninitiated, may I suggest British Columbia? Oh look I just did. I mean, I hear that we have rattle snakes but I've yet to even see one.   

       We do have horseflies to rival humming birds... but they's just good eatin.   

       One of my favorite shows, Shark Tank had a couple of guys on who were grossing about ten million a year, netting about one running a Tough Mudder competitor. Getting out and moving is becoming increasingly popular in the golden age of the couch potato, but I think today's modern outdoor activity has to compete with the excitement of a video game.   

       Telling you, somebody's going to do this and get very rich and if it's not me I'll be very unhappy.   

       Hmm. Maybe this would be a great crowd funding thing.
doctorremulac3, Apr 29 2014

       We recently opened one of these near Cambridge; it's called Norfolk.   

       Worryingly, London has also opened one, called Cambridge.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2014

       [doctorremulac3], I saw that episode. I never miss that show, btw. Yeah if they could do that, then this would be doable. And I vote for the San Fran area. Jutta is nearby and could come and play around wih a baker. That would be awesome to see.
blissmiss, Apr 30 2014


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