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Hard Hat World

Disneyland with serious power tools.
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OK, this is probably a guy thing, but haven't you always wanted to drive a backhoe? Well, at Hard Hat World you can! Build a structure with concrete road barriers using the Giant Crane, then demolish it with the Wrecking Ball! Win prizes in the Jackhammer Competition or at the Nail Gun Shooting Gallery! Dump a load from the Monster Mining Truck, and bulldoze away! Refresh yourself at the Lukewarm Water Cooler or at the authentic Roach Coach! Keep your HHW Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, and Tool Belt as a souvenir of your exciting visit to Hard Hat World.
rmutt, May 09 2001

Formula JCB racing http://www.maximise...detail/jcb-driving/
(Scroll down to bottom of page) [hippo, May 09 2001]

Diggerland! http://www.diggerland.com/
Almost baked [hippo, May 09 2001]

(?) Remotely Operated Demolition Machine http://www.equipmen..._products_page.php3
Mmmm! [hippo, May 09 2001]

(?) Win a limited edition Bobcat 773 loader http://www.bobcat500k.com/contest.html
[rmutt] has to start somewhere... [hippo, May 09 2001]

Dig This - Heavy Equipment Playground http://www.digthis.info/
Las Vegas amusement features bulldozers and excavators [tatterdemalion, Jun 17 2011]


       Serious fun.
Dog Ed, May 09 2001

       When i played with Lego, the danish toy thats fun, i would always get protective of what i had built. It would stay up for weeks on end, 'til my brother put his foot through the roof.   

       [I once built a scale model of my house using Lego]
[ sctld ], May 09 2001

       Tonka shuttles and all that ish, rmutt comes through with a gem.
iuvare, May 10 2001

       hallelujah! I can smell the diesel exhaust from here!
absterge, May 10 2001

       definitely. i love the smell of a contruction site in the morning. mmmm...wet concrete...
mihali, May 10 2001

       There was a big JCB outside our office today on a demolition site, picking up a huge lump of concrete in its shovel and repeatedly dropping it from a height of about 30 ft to break it up. Lots of fun.
hippo, May 10 2001

       Great idea! Can we fight each other with excavators and backhoes?
Duffi, May 10 2001

       Thanks for cool links! NB: for the Commonweath-impaired, a JCB is a generic term for a bulldozer. It comes from the equipment brand name (after the eponymous founder Joseph Cyril Bamford) that was Kleenexed.
rmutt, May 10 2001

       Dunno about the construction work but the demolition sounds fun. Can we use explosives?
sirrobin, May 11 2001

       I dunno about explosives, but give me a sledgehammer and a wall to hit it with and I'd be happy as larry.
DrBob, May 11 2001

       Sounds like the military, a crew in one location mixing batch upon batch of cement while a second crew 100m away jackhammers it back to gravel. Where's the john?
reensure, May 11 2001

       <hands Reensure a shovel> Depends on where you dig...
StarChaser, May 12 2001

       This is not a guy thing at all. My mom is saving up to by a little CAT bulldozer. TO DO HER GARDENING. (I'm totally serious. I've even tried to talk here out of it. But She says "Susan I never stopped you from having a crazy dream can't you let you're poor mother be?" Yeah my 'poor old mom' WITH A BULLDOZER.)
futurebird, Jul 11 2001

       There should be a service to allow people to pay to run the machinery when an amusement park is being built. The consequence of this additional revenue stream would probably lead to amusement park being built all over. And then this world would be a happier place and quite a tourist destination.
EvoketheTiger, Aug 10 2001

       Sounds a little like that tv show "Junkyard Wars" only fancier & more dangerous...
luciente, Jan 03 2002

       How could a frustrated site engineer possibly say no to this one?
Custardguts, Jun 21 2006

       This is what passes for quality?
ldischler, Jun 22 2006

       I am so there
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 24 2006

       Every time I pass idle construction equipment, I dream of finding a backhoe with the keys left in.
epicproblem, Jun 25 2006

       This is the BEST READERS CHOICE of A Great Wall of CHina, pun intended, it might actually collide with an tree top builind', that does'nt exxist's, Yet !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,   

       deficiencies,, incl,, ??=?=??=?=?=,..   

       Several universes are in A Coliidded staet, and a Trooper is also, available, with gravey,... He's in the top top store top level, manage,mneent store manegamnetnnt, Known to Be a Best Western LONE Star Hotel, of Choice,, :_))))PPPPPP,,. s.
sirau, Jun 17 2011

       We love the smell of Diesel fuel in the morning ...   

8th of 7, Jun 17 2011


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