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Indoor Hill-Rolling for Adults

Clean, safe, fun and wholesome.
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Tumbling sideways down hillsides is one of the greatest joys of childhood. Alas, this diversion is lost upon reaching adulthood due to concerns such as keeping yourself clean and avoiding boo-boos.

Here at High Rollers, we have several rockless, mudless padded turf-covered slopes at varying levels of steepness. After purchasing your ticket, guests are free to don helmets, climb up, and gleefully roll down any of our hills while forgetting the problems of day-to-day life. But remember: no pushing or bullying of other guests will be tolerated, and we will call your mother and tell on you if we catch you doing so.

DrWorm, Nov 26 2010

Cheese Rolling http://www.cheese-r...ng.co.uk/index1.htm
The 2010 annual Cheese Rolling event was cancelled. This idea could offer it a new home. [Wrongfellow, Nov 26 2010]

steenkin http://www.youtube....watch?v=VqomZQMZQCQ
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 26 2010]


       Helmets? We don't need no stinking helmets!   

Alx_xlA, Nov 26 2010

       Ohh, I was thinking this would be a sort of grassy treadmill for rolling down that you put in your house. I like this too, though. [+]
daseva, Nov 26 2010

       Helmets would increase the danger of rotational brain injury [+]
pocmloc, Nov 26 2010

       // stinking //   

       Sp. "steenkin' "   

       In fact,   

       Sp. "Hwe don't-a need no steenkin' 'elmets !"
8th of 7, Nov 26 2010

po, Nov 26 2010

       [Ian] [link]   

       Yeah, well, some you win, some you lose.
8th of 7, Nov 26 2010

       could it be like those artificial rock climbing walls where it's a conveyor belt so you can roll forever at different inclines and speeds?
metarinka, Nov 29 2010

       Sure. If the speed was gradually raised after you started rolling, you could actually roll back uphill to the top and be on your way.
DrWorm, Nov 30 2010


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