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Hurricane Deflection Death Ray

The title is really self explanatory...
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For my intro to engineering class we were told to come up with ideas for stopping and/or deflecting hurricanes.

I think the easiest way would be to arrange a group of satellites in geosynchronous orbit over the carribean, each carrying a collapsable mylar mirror. Ground controllers can aim the several mile wide beam of light produced by the satellites over land. This will generate heat (I think a 2-3 degree rise in air temp will do) and thus increase the barometric pressure over, say, eastern Florida. When the beam is placed in the path of the hurricane the area of high pressure causes it to turn east and head into the atlantic.

It is important that the beam be over land, otherwise it will heat the water and possibly make the hurricane worse.

DIYMatt, Sep 04 2009

Solaren http://www.wired.co...2009/04/weathermod/
These guys are building an orbital power station for California. They reckon they could upscale it to deal with hurricanes. They're like halfbakers with money, really. [wagster, Sep 04 2009]


       A ray that heats the air 2-3 degrees in passing (are we talking kelvin here?) would be a true Death Ray, and therefore you are right to say it has to be over land, otherwise it would only be a Death-to-Boaters Ray.
loonquawl, Sep 04 2009

       The Fearless Fosdick Anti-Hurricane Death Ray. Save everyone in the storm's path from possible death by killing them before it gets there.
lurch, Sep 04 2009


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