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Hurricane Reporter Wind Sock

New style of wind-sock for airports
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Wind socks are dull. They just flap around, not doing much, even when it is windy. What's needed is the type of sock that folk will really notice. The idea is therefore to remodel the wind-sock to take on the form of the outline of a hurricane reporter.

How often have you seen the determined hurricane reporter bracing themselves against the wind, their face contorted as they struggle to talk in the teeth of the storm? It’s an obvious and potent indicator of the strength of the wind.

The Hurricane Reporter Windsock would hang limply until the wind picked up, then gradually inflate until it became fully filled and animated in the event of a storm. In severe conditions one arm would be pulled up in imitation of them holding unto their hat, whilst in an actual hurricane they would point both arms above their head like an arrow as they faced the wind at right angles to the supporting pole. Male and female versions would of course be available.

xenzag, Nov 01 2005


       Or a female version that slowly undressed as the wind picked up. Maybe someone would need to put some new clothes on every time.
Ling, Nov 03 2005


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