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Hurricane Viewing Cocoon

Real-life Shock and Awe
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In the path of the mighty storm build an underground shelter with room for supplies for the duration. This shelter must, of course, be waterproof.

Most importantly, it will have a viewing bubble protruding out to the surface made of 6 inch thick glass or plastic.

This way a person could study a hurricane in safety.

Personally I'd love to see what 175 mph winds look like.

I realize that it would be difficult to correctly predict where the hurricane would make landfall. But with weather monitoring devices you could at least get close.

Perhaps the shelter can be made of steel and be prebuilt so that all that needs to be done when a storm is present is bury it.

Gusbus, Sep 23 2005

(?) Hurricane Live http://hurricanelive.net/
I fully expect this server to crash, but, enjoy. [reensure, Sep 23 2005]


       That really would be very cool.
wagster, Sep 23 2005

       not a lot of good if the ground is several feet under water.
po, Sep 23 2005

       why not just drive a big tank into the hurricane's path?
kinemojo, Sep 23 2005

       the tornado hunter folks would love this too if you could anchor it to the ground somehow...
Chrome, Sep 23 2005

       I was thinking about this. I think it would look like driving through a carwash, except instead of brushes it would be bits of your neighbors roof.
bungston, Sep 23 2005

       I once watched a tornado form overhead and touch down about a kilometer away. It was awe inspiring. (+)   

       [bungston] you've given me the biggest laugh of today. Thank you.
moomintroll, Sep 23 2005

       What about a capsule full of airbags with a viewing port that would actually get carried around by the winds?
nineteenthly, Sep 23 2005

       I think Fidel Castro did something like this a couple years back. He got into a convoy of APC's and drove straight into a major hurricane. I would still like to see a invasion force hide under a hurricane.
Antegrity, Sep 24 2005

       Tent pegs. We're gonna need more tent pegs.
gnomethang, Sep 24 2005


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