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Motor Spinner

"Big Wheels" of Plastic just won't do
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Someone wrote of an idea of an Adult Big Wheel with a motor. But the idea was to have plastic wheels, so that you could still enjoy spinning out. As others commented, the plastic is just going to where down to quickly.

I think if you made it from just regular rubber tires, but made the back wheels free spinning, you'd have something. When I say free spinning, I mean like the front wheels of a grocery cart, only bigger and rubber, like small bike tires. Then just have the front wheel be a regular big bike tire. You could devise a way to keep the back tires locked strait forward when you don't wan't to spin, but have it free spinning when you do. I think if you had the right hand brake be a brake, but had the left one be a release for free spinning, that would work well. And when you release it, the wheels lock back in place. Then if you put a motor on it instead of pedals, you could just have the gas be controlled by the right thumb. Of course to work, this would have to be front wheel drive. Wow, I've got the whole engineering feat in my head now. I think I'll call it the Motor Spinner.

kcushing, Jun 30 2004

Omniwheels http://omniwheel.co...wheel/omniwheel.htm
perfect for this application [5th Earth, Oct 04 2004]


       But when the rear wheels lock back into place, they'll be locked in sideways... Still a fun idea though. Another option for the rear wheels that might work better: Omniwheels (linked). With these, you can even maintain rearwheel drive.
5th Earth, Jun 30 2004


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