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Mouth guard mouth-piece attachment for CamelBaks
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Somewhere within the haze of fatigue induced semi-consciousness, my dehydrated and sleep-deprived brain recognized the need for a mouth-guard as it reluctantly instructed my body to hurl itself at the ground, yet again; in response to the screeching sound of an artillery simulator at close proximity.

This need seemed at odds with the also recognized need to have the mouth-piece of my CamelBak doggedly held between my teeth so as to provide fluids to replace the sweat pouring profusely from my body, whilst keeping both hands free to manipulate my carbon-caked, and muddied M-16.

As I lay, face down in some god-forsaken piece of Ft. Bragg swampland, I contrived a combination of these two necessities: A mouth-guard mouth-piece designed to supplant the mouth-piece included with CamelBaks, and CamelBak-like hydration systems.

Several simulated indirect fire attacks later, my subconscious longing for the Halfbakery crossed paths with my weary and hallucinogenic stream of conscious thought, and realized that not only was a CamelBak mouth-guard mouth-piece a great idea, but also a great Halfbakery idea!

Now that my training is complete, my belly is full and my body well rested, I give you ...

The Hydro-Guard!

MikeD, Aug 27 2010


       I think there are sporting applications for this too - as a hockey player there are times when it would be useful. However, you'd need to be sure it was unswallowable, or you might end up facing a pretty big law suit.
Fishrat, Aug 27 2010

       Hm, sort of like those things they stick in your mouth at the dentist, to hold the fluoride on your teeth, while the tube through the middle sucks out the spit. Which is far more traumatizing than any military training.   

       So I don't know if I could use one, with it bringing back memories like that.
DIYMatt, Aug 27 2010

       Excellent! Bun [+]!
Grogster, Aug 27 2010

       CamelBaks are quite common in mountain biking. Although this particular idea isn't going to be much good for those unless you can breath through it as well.
MechE, Aug 27 2010

       Is this a cross between a Friday the 13th prop and a super soaker?
saedi, Aug 28 2010

       //sp: CamelBak//   

       Fixed. Good eye,21.   

       You could breath through your nose, [MechE]. If a breathe hole were used, you wouldn't be able to use suction to get any water.
MikeD, Aug 28 2010

       To rectify this, the water could be provided out the back sides of the guard via a chew-activated pump facilitated by a one way valve. In other words, squeezing your teeth together would give you a small shot of water, leaving the front open for breathing/panting. This would actually be better as water is more readily absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth in small quantities, than it is through the G.I. tract en mass.
MikeD, Aug 29 2010

       If you've ever worn a really good, dentist-fitted mouthguard, you'll find that breathing is no issue as you don't need to keep your mouth closed to keep the guard in. I see no issue, and I think this is a great idea. Just use a lo profile (flatter but wider) bite valve on one side. I suggest a safety breakaway valve to prevent neck-jarring accidents when you entangle the hose.   

       Useful for cross-country or downhill biking where you need access to water but want a mouthguard for prangs.   

Custardguts, Aug 29 2010


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