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Icy BeadBag

Icing of contusions conforms to injury location.
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Various types of icing is used in corners of boxers (& MMA players) between rounds to keep the swelling down. Solid metal blocks, plates with handles, plastic and fabric bags of ice, and just chunks of ice are used.

The metal ones warm up on contact, the ice melts in the bags. The metal ones don't conform to the shape of the injury site, and the bags don't put enough pressure on the site. The classic is a bag of frozen peas. That's the germ of the BeadBag idea.

The BeadBag's surface is made of 3mm metal beads strung as closely together as possible, like fine Native American beadwork. This is the working face. The layer inside the thermally conductive bag is layers of fine metal chain mail and the liquid in the bag is an antifreeze mix tuned to stay slushy well below 32°F and never harden.

Pressing on the BeanBag exerts pressure over the entire injury area, conforming to the shape of the nose, jaw, cheekbone or brow, and allows the cutman to move the swelling in the contusion off to the side without losing contact. BeadBag will stay colder during the break, as well, allowing effective treatment of more than one injury.

minoradjustments, Jun 24 2024

Cutman supplies https://www.cutman4.../endswells-ice-bags
This is what's on offer [minoradjustments, Jun 24 2024]

Table of specific heat capacities https://en.wikipedi...fic_heat_capacities
Hard to beat ammonia, if it can be contained/handled safely [a1, Jun 25 2024]

Icy B? No, ICP - their only album worth listening to, and a fun listen it can be ... https://www.google....client=gws-wiz-serp
[normzone, Jun 25 2024]


       hmm... flexible ice packs filled with beads (of some kind of coolant/gel) are widely available. Inspired by packs of frozen peas, no doubt. Haven't seen metal bead wraps though, and don't know of cooling substantially below 32F is a good idea. Will have to think about that...
a1, Jun 24 2024

       [a1] There are no beads inside the bag. As the description says, the cold from a supercooled fluid is transferred efficiently through layers of metal chain mail inside the bag and metal beads on the working face of the bag. This allows pressure to be applied over the entire site of the injury and conforms to the shape it is used on. I have not seen this concept before.
minoradjustments, Jun 25 2024

       Ah, I see, What advantage does "fine metal chainmail" inside give compared to existing bead/gel fillings? I can see an advantage in conductivity, heat transfer with a metal surface lining. But specific heat capacity would be more important for the bulk contents.
a1, Jun 25 2024

       //I can see an advantage in conductivity, heat transfer with a metal surface lining.// PLUS metal conforming face and you set the heat capacity by cooling the antifreeze to whatever you want.
minoradjustments, Jun 30 2024

       "Icy Bead Bag" would be an interesting name for a rap artist, I'd genuinely want to hear what they sounded like.   

       I will bun this as the toll for allowing my stupid comment.
doctorremulac3, Jul 02 2024


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