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Flying on the Ground (is Fun)
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A set of “wings” that is worn on the arms, that are tapered so as to be aerodynamic, but only when moving forwards. The idea is to use them as fins to push yourself through the air while you run, thus realizing a speed boost as well as putting your arms to good use. They won't let you fly, but they might let you achieve superhuman running speeds.
ytk, Jul 18 2012


       Huh? It'd be like swimming. You can swim faster using your arms and legs together, or by wearing fins on your feet. Same concept.
ytk, Jul 18 2012

       Imagine you're running, and you're trying to do the breaststroke through the air as you run. Doesn't do a whole lot. But if you had giant fins on your arms that caught the air as you moved them backwards, and cut through it as you moved them forwards, you could actually get some traction against the air and use it to increase your speed.
ytk, Jul 18 2012

       (+) for the visual.
normzone, Jul 18 2012

       the reason why no one makes these is that then we would have to deal with the whole issue of that this was where the wrights would have gone if alexander graham bell had not sued wilbur to death and started ww1 and 2 in the process. who wants to deal with that?
JesusHChrist, Jul 19 2012


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