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Hydro Pillow

A cascade of liquid funelled through a central duct into a modest sized generator, which creates electricty.
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In the spririt of dumb-waiters and garbage chutes, I would like to propose a cost-efficient electricity supplement for use in high density urban settings (high rise apartments). The idea hit me the other day, after waking up in the morning with my cheek swimming in a puddle of my own night-slobber...I thought to myself, hmmm, self, how many other people do you think woke up this morning with wet cheeks of their own? My internal dialogue entered into a spirited debate, and resulted in the decision that most people drool in their sleep, and end up with saturated pillow cases.

So, now what? Well, the short story goes like this...each apartment unit should be fitted with a manual wringing device to put your pillow into every morning. The wringer will wring out all liquid in the pillow case and send it down a drain which connects to a common chute. This chute extends down the entire length of the building, ending in the basement. Here, a small generator will be creating electricity from the power of the stream of slobber each morning. This humble electric current could be used to power the night lights at the back of the building for security, or could be used to recharge a battery which is used to operate any number of small appliances in the common areas etc.

Yours in wetness.

VuDuBlade, Oct 04 2003

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       Yes the pillow would be much too difficult to extract liquid from, but the pillow case could be made from a synthetic fibre which wicks (sp?) the moisture into the case until it is run through the wringer, at a prescribed amount of pressure (may or may not be a rediculous amount, absurd for sure, but not necessarily rediculous). And the electricity wouldn't be used for the wringer, that's by hand with a crank & handle. The electric current should be used for a common benefit purpose within the building.   

       Still wet on 1 side.
VuDuBlade, Oct 04 2003

       not only pillows, pints of sweat are poured into mattresses every night. doesn't bear thinking about really.
po, Oct 04 2003

       Not to mention drippy dreams.
FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2003

       Yeah, bed wetters (old people included) could generate waaaay more power if mattresses went through the squeezing device.
Pericles, Oct 04 2003

       ahh yes, I can see it now. A full ensemble of bedding accessories to catch stray bodily fluids. Depending on the target population, famous spokepeople could be hired to flog the merchandise to their fans... A possible excerpt from Jane Fonda, "Hi there, you may remember me from my hot and sweaty workout days in tights and leotard. Well, these days when I get all wet, I wring out my trusty Hydro Pillow case and matching bed sheets. Not only do I get a great upper arm and shoulder work out in the morning, but I'm doing my part to save the environment and save my fellow dwellers a few bucks too. Get yours today!"...
VuDuBlade, Oct 05 2003


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