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Perpetual Panama Power

A dam-less hydroelectric power plant that never runs dry.
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Using the fact that the Atlantic and Pacific oceans differ in sea level, a tunnel will be constructed to allow sea water to flow from one ocean to another, turning an electricity-generating turbine.
tongpoo, Jul 12 2003

Tidal Power http://hydroelectri...mart.net/tidal.html
[empty89, Oct 04 2004]


       Thanks, [UB]. A concept that I never encountered. Well, maybe I just wasn't paying attention that day.
half, Jul 12 2003

       There already is ocean/tidal power plants, see link.
empty89, Feb 18 2004

       A really ambitious plan to connect the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean has been in the works forever as well.
theircompetitor, Feb 18 2004


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