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Hydrogen Peroxide Sold in Squeeze Bottles

Less spilling.
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As of now, you have to poor peroxide out of those widemouth brown bottles whenever you use it on a wound. Or you have to pour it into the cap or onto some cotton. It's a pain. The bottles should have a cap with a narrow opening so you could apply the stuff accurately and still screw the cap off if you wanted to.
miggavin, Apr 13 2006

peroxide in spray bottle http://www.medcosup...t.asp?Leaf_Id=22400
[xandram, Apr 13 2006]

peroxide gel in a squeeze tube http://www.drugstor..._crack_creme_advanc
[half, Apr 13 2006]

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       Poor peroxide. I think this is probably to prevent people of an irresponsible disposition using it for 'water' fights. In a similar vein as those who filled up their Super Soaker (tm) water pistols with bleach.
moomintroll, Apr 13 2006

       You could just put it in a sqeeze bottle yourself, but I think there is one that comes in a spray bottle. [see link]
xandram, Apr 13 2006

       By careful design of a double-skinned, catalysing bottle (potassium permanganate should do the trick), you could have a self-squeezing bottle.
coprocephalous, Apr 13 2006

       Brilliant links, solves the whole issue.
miggavin, Apr 13 2006

       I don't know about that. Liquid peroxide in a squeeze bottle could help to flush out the wound as well as applying it's well known anti-bacterial properties.   

       That's pretty much how I use the stuff in traditional pour bottle. But, I'm not a doctor or qualified to offer medical advice --- not valid medical advice, anyway.   

       I can see me using peroxide that is pre-packaged in the same sort of squirty bottle as contact lens cleaning and saline solutions.
half, Apr 13 2006

       This is simple and a very good idea.
shapu, Apr 13 2006


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