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Lymph Node Pumps

To adjust to our sedentary lifestyles.
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Lymph nodes work when we get up and move, pumping toxins and waste out of our body. What about those who sit for most of the day? Those who are required to be at a desk, working only their brains and not exerting the physical movement needed to remove a sufficient amount of toxins from their body, could benefit from much needed technology!

My idea is a device that creates a pumping action directly to the lymph nodes. Toxins would be removed and many of our workforce could go on with their sedentary lives. Our muscles might shrink, our legs might shrivel, but with our segways and other personal transporters, we won't be needing them for long.

twitch, Mar 30 2010


       Walk more, unless you can't due to disability.
nineteenthly, Mar 30 2010

       We have this already. Just another good reason to be Assimilated...
8th of 7, Mar 30 2010

       //We have this already. Just another good reason to be Assimilated...//   

       Do the borg have a dental plan? If so, I might consider it   

       It might be a good idea for those that are disabled though, they have enough health issues as it is. I'll give this one a bun.
xxobot, Mar 31 2010

       LOLz you're right xxobot. I was primarily looking at our ever- increasing american lifestyle of laziness, but those with disabilities or are otherwise unable to move for long periods of times would benefit from this.
twitch, Mar 31 2010

       Why hook up directly to a lymph node when you could accomplish the same thing through artificial muscles stimulation. I'm pretty sure you could get the same effect from a massage...which is a fantastic reason to get those new massage chairs at work, now that I think about it...
Postscript, Mar 31 2010


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