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This summers hot item!
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concerned citizen: "um... excuse me sir! Your dog seems as though it's overheating".

dog owner: "Oh that! Dont worry love. This mongrel's always drooling".

and maybe it was........... but as a concerned citizen, how can you lose that image of an animal suffering heat exhaustion as it is dragged round the block once again by "the dog owner" when you know that dogs do die in summer!! FACT!

enter "Hyper-collar" Sure the dog was drooling.. but with this collar, there's no fooling.

the colour changes with the dogs body temperature, obviously, so you can tell if the animal is about to perish and you can tell that "dog owner" what time it is!!

concerned citizen: "time to go home MISTER!!"

also available to fit elderley people. leash sold seperately.

ben reeve, Feb 06 2005


       I don't like dogs, but I don't want any senior citizens to die. +
DesertFox, Feb 06 2005

       ``Do you have to shave their necks for it to work? The dogs, I mean.
tiromancer, Feb 06 2005

       Might also be handy around the neck of the psychotic dog owner you're pestering. Give you a running head start if you're a little slow picking up the body language.
JungFrankenstein, Feb 06 2005


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