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"Goldfish in the coat!"
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(+8, -4)
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It's a plastic see-through bubble coat that is filled with water. But in the water is a few little goldfish swimming around. They don't neceserily have to be goldfish. No no no! What ever kind of fish you own. Don't worry about having to leave them home on vacation. Just take them along with you! There is a sealed hole on th top where you open and close to feed them and give them air, (unless you blow it up to put some air in).
MNHS, Jun 07 2001

An alternative. http://www.halfbake...20perch_20for_20koi
[angel, Jun 07 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

For glass houses http://www.halfbake..._20double_20glazing
Coat sounds too heavy to wear. I'd just hang mine up on a halltree and watch it to relax. [reensure, Jun 07 2001]


       I want two flatfish, one sewn into each buttock on my trousers.
-alx, Jun 07 2001

       Look! alx has a double hali-butt! Quite fetching it is, too. The full suit does sound awfully heavy. I'll just have a codpiece, please.
Dog Ed, Jun 08 2001

       What happens when you sit down or lean back?
Persian Princess, Jun 10 2001

       This is cruel. Goldfish are too big to live happily in the confined space you suggest. Sea Monkeys on the other hand...
steg, Jun 10 2001

       What about other pets? You see, I want to take my dog with me too... Any coats for that?
BartJan, Jun 11 2001

       I think the whiting's on the wall for this idea -obviously, MNHS is a dab hand at this sort of thing. Although the negative vote indicates to me that at least one person thinks its pollocks, but they didn't carp on about it. No response from PeterSealy though, which is surprising. You obviously didn't give him the whitebait.
You may have thought I haddock'ase of fishpunitis, but I just did it for the halibut. I also think I'm just a little hard of herring. Remember, some fish you have to have cold - you can't have your hake and heat it.
I'll stop now - I don't think I can salmon up the energy to go on...
goff, Jun 11 2001

       Just thought: alternative name if you're into sea fish, and you want a coat that can be easily folded and stored. Yes - it's the Pack-a-Mackerel.
goff, Jun 11 2001

       goff, is your real name Richard Whiteley?
redpony, Jun 11 2001

       Whale I never! On yer pike MNHS!
DrBob, Jun 11 2001

       waugs - that was the general idea anyway, mate.
As for the Bubbster - well I thought mine were bad, but that's just apalling.
In fact, I think you should give up on the puns orca'wit posting now!!
goff, Jun 12 2001

       Whale, this is just about the crappie-est idea I've ever read. I think I'd still perch-ase one, however.   

       Maybe we could combine this with the Kio shoulder-perch in the form of hollow, DBZ-esque shoulder pads.
nick_n_uit, Jun 12 2001

       o my cod, it's affected my herring and given me a haddock =< hm, how bout it's a kind of conical raised-pond shape, only as pointed out, the weight would necessitate some sort of mobile kiddy-walker to support it.
Joe Chop, Nov 07 2005

       Reminds me of a quote from a Feng Shui book: "For good luck, you should keep seven goldfish in a tank in your hallway. If one dies, do not worry - simply replace it."
moomintroll, Nov 07 2005

       Ha, I like it. [+]
Zuzu, Nov 07 2005


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