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ICQ Improvements

Print, Fax, E-mail, and Spell Check
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My idea is just a few Software improvements to ICQ or comprable. No. 1 would be a spell checker! a Smart Spell checker, where it automatically fixes most commomly misspelled words. Secondly, Just add a Print Button. It could be used to create Faxes too if you have your system set up for that(As A Printer Emulator). Thats it.. Z
whozlot, Jun 13 2001

Trillian -- crosschat application that integrates ICQ http://www.trillian.cc/
No, I haven't investigated what you're most concerned about, but if speed is an issue -- Trillian seems fast enough. [reensure, May 15 2002]

AutoSpell Complete Check www.spellchecker.co...asp?ct=HB&dst=as-cc
Add full-featured spell checking to most Windows programs including ICQ. Free demo available. [Liza8a, Oct 04 2004]


       I can't imagine why you would want a spell-checker :-)
angel, Jun 13 2001

       Spell-checkers should not be implemented on a per-application basis. It's a waste of resources.
bookworm, Jun 13 2001

       I thought this would be about trimming half the junk out of ICQ....nuts.
Reverend D, Jun 13 2001

       ICQ seems useless to me from start; and a spell-checker wouldn't help. In norwegian "i" means "in", and whenever typing "i" with an english spell-checker, it turns to "I". Annoying.
lazerlore, Jun 14 2001

       There are auto-language-detecting and language-specific spellcheckers; all you're saying is that you need one of those, [lazerlore].   

       I agree with bookworm.
jutta, Jun 14 2001

       Things to add..... =>A history of Sent Files - the history lists all messages but not files.   

       =>Better support for receiving files - like where you put them - you can't put them on your desktop unless you use goto C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP and I personally can't be bother scrolling around so much and so end up with tons of crap in my C:\   

       =>Spell Checker... not automatic, - but something like MS-Word WITHOUT the autocorrect. (Red wiggly line underneath, right click to choose form suggestions would be usful.)   

       =>Picture - Thumbnail picture of user could be improved and (if available) set to display in the top right corner of the chat window.   

       => Anitspam option - everyone can click "Spammer" when they receive a junk message. After a few have been reported for the same person that person gets their account immediatly revoked, possibly with the addition of an IP bomb for good measure.   

       => Taskbar Mode - Make taskbar appear slower, so that if you accidently move over it while trying to get to the scroll bar, it does appear and cover up half the screen until you click onto it, click off and wait for a few seconds.   

       => Smaller Adverts - would be nice. (or you could just use the Adhack and get rid of then all together like everyone else...!)   

       Can't think aof ahything else right now - will add more later.
CasaLoco, Jun 14 2001

       Shouldn't this be sent to the perpetrators of that absurdity, rather than posted here as an 'idea'?
StarChaser, Jun 14 2001

       ICQ would be a fantastic program if it didn't have such an appalling interface. Why can't it be simple, more similar to other windows programs, not whinge at me when I right click instead of left click, provide an easier way to back up your contact list, and not look as if it was designed by Johnathon Ross's tailor?
afroman, Oct 22 2001

       For small values of 'fantastic'. It takes up huge amounts of bandwidth <A 300k/sec download dropped to 100 when I opened ICQ>, and is nearly as secure as any Microsoft product you care to name.
StarChaser, Oct 22 2001

       1. ICQ already has a pretty useful spell-checker plug-in you can simply install from the software. It's not automatic: only notifies you of errors if you force a spellcheck.   

       2. I think IM messages are supposed to be very short, and I never wanted to print or fax any.. But this could be done as a plug-in too.   


       1. ICQ lists sent/recieved files on the appropriate tabs in the "History" window.   

       2. ICQ enables you to save files in a directory after the name of the sender under some pre-defined dir.   

       4. Agree.   

       5. I believe this is being implemented by AIM "warning"s... Not sure.
n0nick, May 15 2002

       I'm probably over the top about spell checking, but shouldn't a true spellchecker treat you just like a old-school spelling instructor?   

       Make an error like ‘commomly’ or ‘comprable’ and you're forced to type it 10 times, or speak it aloud three times if you have voice to text, before you are allowed to correct the spelling and move on.   

       Make an syntactical error like ‘Smart Spell’ and the spelling professor tags it with an invisible ™ and forces you to answer a five question interrogative about why you chose to capitalize two common words in mid-sentence.   

       In the elite edition background highlighting illuminates words that have a dual meaning, both noun and verb equivalents, adjectival bias, adverbial or punctuative proximity requirements, appropriateness of super- or sub-script placement of numerals, or ontological considerations (that is, least to most, first to last, starting with and ending with formatting). -- Most text becomes checkered.   

       My problem with ICQ and the others is that I can't type wright.
reensure, May 15 2002

       ICQ already has way to much crap. ICQmail, send SMS message, check Email, keyboard shortcuts (turn them off), Send Greeting Card, Send Flowers (commercial $$$), ICQ Phone, Launch Games (!!!), Wireless Pager Message, Phone Book, $$$advertising$$$ (does nothing but annoy us), ...
andrewm, Feb 27 2003


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