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IM Microblogging Forum

One place to do it all?
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Recently I have grown very impatient with development of instant messaging. This may partly be caused by the variety of protocols (and no one ever wants to migrate anywhere) or also by the lack of history synchronization.

Breaking it down to the basics, if I was able to redesign IM: - Accessible through websites for mobile and desktop (clients would be temporary for me) - Full permanent history which can be saved locally if desired - Simple and easy to use - Easy to invite users (email-based) - Semi-live updates of the chat (Polling instead of pushing) - Some sort of online notification - User search with reservations

File uploads can be handled either by plugin or through some third party service. Voice is not a requirement of mine and not supported by most IM protocols.

It would be one service for all, a twittery tumblr with a piece of jabber.

mayutamano, Dec 01 2012


       Sooooo, an aggregator.
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 06 2012


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