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IM contact locations shown on world map
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Just a world map with flags showing the locations of all my contacts, using ip-based geolocation.
lkozma, Sep 06 2007

NSLookup http://www.trulan.com/nslookup.htm
I have seen a hit counter that maps the locations of people visiting your site. [Klaatu, Sep 06 2007]


       There are lots of IM mash-ups, there are lots of map/world mash-ups, why doesn't this exist yet?   

       How hard is it to get the actual IP addresses, given the various "buddy list" APIs?   

       Ideally, this could be a cartoonish little world floating on your desktop that avatars pop up on in 3D. (The world automatically pans to the new "buddy" that just popped into existence.) Anyone remember the "missing persons search" interface in "Until The End of the World"? That kind of thing.   

       Also, add a central server to allow overriding the IP location information - that stuff is usually a bit off.
jutta, Sep 06 2007


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