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IM Asynchronism indication

Confirmation of reception of instant messages indicated by change of properties of font.
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Problem: All the most popular IMs indicates the fact that a message is being not delivered to a recipient in disturbing ways:

ICQ indicate this by simply NOT alowing you to write another message if the previous one is not yet delivered.
MSN does not indicate it instantly. So you don't know if the recepient has received the message or not. Sometimes it happens that after some time when you have written and "sent" ten messages, you get those messages quoted back after five minutes. (and usually you may need to resend them by copying and pasting each message)
mIRC does not indicate it. You can only understand it from ping, which can sometimes be even 8secs or more.
Y! and AIM also does not indicate the asynchronism.

Solution: The idea for all the messengers is to indicate undelivered messages in different font. After it is veryfied that the message was delivered, it should change to regular font.

So, when you write a message and press "Enter" (or "Ctrl+Enter"), it first appears in italic font or different colour in the display window. And when it is known that it had appeared to the recipients display window, it automatically changes to normal.

Inyuki, Jan 22 2003


       [reensure], not only a Trillian prints " ¯Inyuki is typing a message ". MSN, AIM ("direct connection"), Y! and ICQ (sometimes) also prints this.
The subject is a little bit different as you see.
Inyuki, Jan 22 2003


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