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IP Lottery

Win money by being online
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As we know, your IP changes every time you dial up to your ISP (unless you have ADSL or equivalent). A server somewhere could detect your IP and give you the option to enter it into the draw, at a cost of 1p/minute (or something). This 'ticket' would then be valid only for your current session, and draws would take place at random times so as to stop people all logging in at once.
NickTheGreat, Jul 05 2002

http lottery http://www.jackpot.com/splash.asp?ac=2
Win stuff by being online. [DrCurry, Jul 05 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       sounds cool, do I win money or is this 'stuff' you mentioned of any value?
kaz, Jul 05 2002

       Several web sites have tried this as a business model to attract eyes. I completely fail to see the advantage to an ISP.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2002

       Does my edit answer your question [kaz] ?
NickTheGreat, Jul 05 2002

       www.iplottery.com Something like this?
barleon24, Jul 11 2009


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