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PIN Lottery

nothing to do with bowling...
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Sell pre-paid phone cards (which all come with a PIN), then post various PINs as "winning numbers".

If a lucky player got a winning card, he'd not be able to use the PIN to make calls, but he'd be able to collect a cash prize.

Might be a good way to differentiate between the million or so varieties of pre-paid phone cards.

zigness, Jul 20 2004


       why is it important that you not be able to use the winning PIN to make calls?
xclamp, Jul 20 2004

       //why is it important that you not be able to use the winning PIN to make calls//   

       because this number has already been published as a winning number... it's no longer private.
zigness, Jul 20 2004

       well why would you publish the number? just have the call redirected to the prize redemption center when that winning PIN number is used for the first time. you would of course need the actual card to claim the prize.   

       would make it more exciting than looking at your card and knowing instantly you didn't win anything.
xclamp, Jul 20 2004

       Good point.
zigness, Jul 20 2004

       Don't think you can do the call redirection thing. What if the person was making a life-altering extremely important call? Like, calling to the next state to tell his sister that he just found proof that her new husbamd she just moved there with is an axe murderer? And he can't get through because he has to give the details on how to claim his $500.   

       Usually those cards have a little voice thing at the start of a call that tells you how many minutes are left. Maybe stick the congrats in there somewhere.
waugsqueke, Jul 20 2004


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