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A way to keep cigarettes en vogue
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Now that cigarettes such targets of scorn, we need a way to keep them popular. Well, forget camel cash (which is, of course, a lottery). Rig it up so that one in every 100,000 (or whatever) cigarettes plays some sort of tune when you light it. They can do that. I've seen it. If your butt sings - you're a winner. Redeem, etc.
Simonpf, Jul 17 2001

Smoking is 'cost-effective' http://news.bbc.co....1442000/1442555.stm
Do your bit for the economy. [angel, Jul 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       But _why_ do we need a way to keep cigarettes popular? This makes no sense.
Heloise, Jul 17 2001

       Nice link, angel. I've always thought it's every right-thinking smoker's duty to do his best to help out society by paying huge taxes and dying young. Now I have statistics to cite. There must be British studies out there, though.
Yes, where would the NHS be without that tobacco revenue? Alcohol, likewise. I guess I'm just too damn <sniff... wipes tear from eye> patriotic to quit.

       [Simonpf]: What kind of cash prizes are we talking here? Will it get me my iron lung?
Guy Fox, Jul 17 2001

       Hmm, I thought I was _already_ gambling when I lit up that tasty, nicotine super-charged Marlboro. Maybe the next office visit to the doc will be the one I get to hear about golfball sized tumors on my lungs. YEAH! I'm willing to bet dollars-to-donuts that there's no smoking allowed in the Phillip-Morris boardroom. *steps off soap box and lights up a Camel* Oh well. As I live in Houston, TX, USA, I'm going to get lung cancer one of these days...
schizofox, Jul 24 2002


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