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Standardized Plastic Containers
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I have an entire drawerfull of mismatched plasticware lids of sundry shapes and sizes, several looking like they might nearly fit my leftover stirfry container, but not quite. I'm fed up with it. The lack of an accepted standard in storagewear containers is almost enough to make me want to convert to socialism. 4 or 5 standardized, cross-company sizes and shapes should do it, with lids that fit and all look alike. They should come with a neat way to organize them, as well, that doesn't take up a bunch of space, as my kitchen isn't much to get excited about.
RayfordSteele, Dec 12 2002


       So that either they all fit your cupboards, or none of them does.
angel, Dec 13 2002

       angel: depends if you have ISO cupboards or not. (+)
st3f, Dec 13 2002

       My refrigerator has an ISObox...
egbert, Dec 13 2002

       Container standardization is probably a bad idea. Since every container needs only its own lid, there's no real need for them to work together (contrast standards for network protocols and shipping containers). It would be slightly more convenient for some, but it would stifle innovation and limit choice -- containers are all different sizes and shapes because people want different sorts: Four or five isn't enough. If you want interchangeable lids and containers, it's simple enough to buy matching sizes; choosing a line from a certain manufacturer is probably the simplest way to do this. Failing that, organize your cupboards. Then come do mine. I'll pay you.
Monkfish, Dec 13 2002

       Go out and buy 10 identical containers, then the problem goes away. The same principle applies to socks, don't buy 3 pairs at once, buy like 50 identical pairs, then pairing them up post wash is easy!
bs0u0155, Feb 12 2010


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