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Into the Frying Pan Sleepy Time

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Cat Bed = large wok with a cone shaped pillow made to fit
vfrackis, Apr 22 2014

Take that you dumb asshole http://i.imgur.com/KmLRtbI.jpg
[ytk, Apr 23 2014]


       The pillow should be an oblate crescent.
Voice, Apr 22 2014

       Let's see...a quick trip over to the help file and back yields these tidbits...   

       " cruelty - the idea is a new way of torturing or killing a person or an animal for pleasure or revenge. For example new, more painful ways of executing prisoners; or ways to booby-trap one's home to maim burglars. "   

       " gross-out humor - the invention is funny to the author _only_ because it involves a taboo subject. There are many legitimate inventions that touch on taboo subjects; this tag only concerns inventions that wouldn't be noteworthy if it wasn't for the addition of feces, sex, torture, death or injury, etc. "   

       Of course maybe this is just a place to sleep conveniently fabricated from a wok, in which case none of this would apply. I myself am currently fashioning throttle body covers from an emesis pan, so I could understand that.
normzone, Apr 22 2014

       I hiss at your idea. You mean son of a beetch.
blissmiss, Apr 22 2014

       I just thought it was a more cat shaped bed, and I'm surprised more than one other person with full individuality intact assumed the purpose was torture.
Voice, Apr 22 2014

       Could have a benevolent meaning, especially if the wok bed had an exit which avoids going into a fire.   

       Still ain't figured out why woks aren't flat...   

       Gets internal permission for re-run of solar-powered wok pun...thinks better of it..
not_morrison_rm, Apr 22 2014

       Nobody woks in L.A.
normzone, Apr 22 2014

       Cats think they are so smart, they look at me with contempt in their eyes and a smug look on their furry cat face, sometimes I find myself thinking that cats think they are better than me, I cant be the only one I'm certain that other people experience a similar fury, this is just a cat bed made from a wok - its for sleeping not eternal sleeping DUH!. I can now think to myself "this cat thinks he is better than me but im not the one that consents to sleeping in a wok... Stupid Cat!!!!" this is a product meant to help people with undiagnosed feline related emotional problems cope with the myriad of complicated emotions and urges that cats evoke. Its about time someone knocked cats down a notch. and its funny and I dont care about the dumb rules!
vfrackis, Apr 22 2014

       Wok like an Egyptian.
normzone, Apr 23 2014

       [bigsleep] - we'll have to watch [vfrackis]'s account, to see what comes next. The cat may have changed the password.
lurch, Apr 23 2014

       Wok away. Wok away swowy.
Alterother, Apr 23 2014

       //I can now think to myself "this cat thinks he is better than me but im not the one that consents to sleeping in a wok... Stupid Cat!!!!"//   

       Reminds of that one photo… (link)
ytk, Apr 23 2014


       Don't wok away, Renee'.
normzone, Apr 23 2014

       re: link : the cat's a topographical mathematician, everybody else is "inside".
FlyingToaster, Apr 23 2014

       Oh well, woking on sunshine. It had to be done.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 23 2014

       Photo does not look photo shopped to me
vfrackis, Apr 23 2014

       Cats do look down on you. Cats look down on you for a reason. Cats are supreme beings. And I don't like your link, and neither does blissmiss.
blissmiss, Apr 23 2014

       Wok on The Moon
Camel Wok
Dead Man Wokking
Sleep Wok....
What [blissy] said. A triple size wok still wouldn't be big enough for my cat, even if it was to be just a bed. It needs some comfy padding. He weighs 22 lbs. (part Maine Coon Cat)
xandram, Apr 23 2014

       I'll see you, and raise one wok and roll.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 23 2014

       Sounds like an order for a party of four or more at an Asian restaurant.
normzone, Apr 23 2014


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