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Kitchen equipment with weight markings

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If you've just chopped something on a board or mixed together something in a bowl, sometimes you want to know how much it weighs. If you could just put the board, bowl or whatever on the scales and subtract the amount printed on the board, bowl or whatever it would be easier and create less washing-up than moving the stuff you want to weigh onto the scales.
hippo, Apr 17 2005


st3f, Apr 17 2005

       it would be more realistic to make a labeling system with nice atractive waterproof labels so your could label things yourself. otherwise you would keep forgetting where each item is labled.   

       might i suggest items that weigh an even number or grams. (4g as opposed to 4.17856g)
RBStimers, Apr 17 2005

       Most digital scales have a built-in tare function that will deduct the weight of the container automatically. (But you have to weigh the empty container first.)
waugsqueke, Apr 17 2005

       Yup, pretty much baked as [waugs] noted. BTW, the people at Target get suspicious when you ask them if they sell a scale that measures in grams.
disbomber, Apr 17 2005

       The weighing of the container afterwards which [waugs] mentions - i.e. after you've just added to much of whatever you were preparing to your recipe - was exactly what this idea is intended to avoid.
hippo, Apr 18 2005

       disbomber miscredited me - I was not noting the idea was baked.   

       Having said that, the idea with those scales is to weigh the container first, before the ingredients are in/on it.
waugsqueke, Apr 18 2005

       Genius. I'm gonna go and carve the weight of my chopping board in the corner. Where'd I put that soldering iron...
How hard would it be to have a digital set of scales embedded underneath a chopping board?

       Mind you, if I chop an onion the whole thing goes in. I'm not stopping after 67% of an onion, just to keep Delia happy.
moomintroll, Apr 18 2005

       //How hard would it be to have a digital set of scales embedded underneath a chopping board?//
Not hard. I recently saw an ad for a digital scale embedded in a worktop tile.
angel, Apr 18 2005

       Definitely not baked and a very good idea for those of us who often forget to tare weigh the container before filling it with something gooey.   

       This could be entitled "Tare Marked Kitchen Equipment"   

       Also, containers could have a tare weight encoded RFID that the scale could read (oh no, another RFID scheme).
bristolz, Apr 18 2005

       [moom], be sure to estimate first how much wood you're going to remove while carving and deduct it from the weight...
Etymon, Apr 18 2005

       What a tare-brained scheme this is. I like it +
phundug, Apr 18 2005

       How about a scale with different tare-weight memories? Then you could simply use your marker to label your containers #1, #2, #3, etc.
supercat, Apr 18 2005

       Are you really that dense, [UB]?
bristolz, Apr 19 2005

       certain contraband is often measured in metric. It has to be easier to deal (I mean calculate) with if you also use the product you sell.
Zimmy, Apr 19 2005

       The opposite would be cool too. Weight equipment with kitchen markings.   

       Q: How much did you bench press today?   

       A: two refrigerators and a toaster.
jaksplat, Apr 19 2005


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