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I Want That Hat

Millinery Shazam
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Is headgear envy the bane of your life? Are your google searches for 'Moldova hat' fruitless, pointless and disappointing? Have you ever found yourself longing for a 'hat like that', yet, unposessed of the requisite millinery terminology have wallowed in a stew of 'me no ebay'?

Well no longer. Simply flash your snazzy cameraphone at the desired headpiece, be it real, televisual [and, for the 2030 edition, simply captured in your imagination] and your phone will not only tell you the name of the hat, but suggest various emporiums from which such an item can be purchased, listing matches either in order of similarity to the original, price or 'prettiness' [an arbitrary unit that can be defined by the user using a ticklist, similar to that used by Stumbleupon].

The imaging technology required for this would not be too dissimilar to that already used by search engines such as google, and may lead us closer to eradicating the evils of hat envy forever from this Earth.

Moldova Wonder-hats http://www.youtube....watch?v=OF21pTGtKTw
For all those that did not get the reference... [Kiwi Banana and the Skeleton Crew, May 21 2011]

ebay http://cgi.ebay.co....reacy-/230620500557
[po, May 21 2011]

32 pigeons awarded ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dickin_Medal
[po, May 21 2011]

Bates of Jermyn Street http://www.bates-hats.co.uk/index.html
A quality hat shop, with some rather nice hats. [zen_tom, May 28 2011]

Sorry, I do not have a hat. Secret_20Hat
None that you can see, anyway. [gnomethang, May 28 2011]

Fezzes Are Cool http://www.youtube....-Ko&feature=related
[jaksplat, May 29 2011]


       I want that App.
sqeaketh the wheel, May 21 2011

       So do I! Part of the point of putting it up is that this place seems to be full of clever people who speak computer and things like that...   

       I think it's redundant (except either suits or shoes, I don't remember)
FlyingToaster, May 21 2011

       Splendid idea, and sure to be baked in the near future, if not, indeed, the near past. Could be used by the posessor of the hat to verify that it was unique. When the milliner delivers her latest creation, complete with artificial flowers and passenger-pigeon feathers, you can whip out your cellphone, and shout "Swindler! There are three like it on eBay already!"
mouseposture, May 21 2011

       Yes and no. That is a *little* mean...   

       What's a passenger pidgeon?   

       Same as a carrier pidgeon but with seats and things.
FlyingToaster, May 21 2011

       //passenger-pigeon// A species supposedly hunted to extinction in order to supply feathers for the decoration of ladies hats.   

       //passenger pidgeon// a pidgin formerly used by passenger pigeon hunters to communicate with their native bearers.
mouseposture, May 21 2011

       //passenger-pigeon// A species supposedly hunted to extinction in order to supply feathers for the decoration of ladies hats.   

       [mouse] You are thinking of some other species for those hats. PPigeons meat was mostly used to feed slaves, I think. Habitat loss was very significant in their demise.
Boomershine, May 21 2011

       <Googles> Hmm, yes. Said of several species, but not, apparently, this one.
mouseposture, May 21 2011

       I would mention my pet Fred - but you would need to ask and join flikr.
po, May 21 2011

       One picture is worth a thousand search criteria.
Sir_Misspeller, May 21 2011

       Will it work on a 'Secret Hat'?
gnomethang, May 28 2011

       Then again, there's that monstrosity that Beatrice Whatsername got lumbered with. Not much envy on that one.
infidel, May 28 2011


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