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Inflatable Sunshade Cap

Inflate it, when shunsine is strong, or it's rainy...
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So, the idea is to place a specially shaped ballon inside of a ring around a head or cap, or in some other way. Inflating the baloon would create 360' shade around the head. It could have a part that covers the top of the head too.

Utility: many people don't have a habit of taking and using umbrellas when it's sunny, but sunshine contributes somewhere around 80% of the aging of skin...

* Inspired by [pashute]'s "Portable Tree Shade".


P.S. One of the mechanisms considered before, i.e., filling with small amount of H20, that turns into steam, when heated by sunshine, was dropped, mainly because of:

(i) it's inconvenient to refill it, and you couldn't collapse it quickly upon need, such as to enter a bus.

(ii) it might be hot, keeping hot steam isn't something that you'd want in a sunny day, unless there's a good thermal insulation.

Inyuki, Aug 27 2012

[pashute]'s "Portable Tree Shade" Portable_20Tree_20Shade
[Inyuki, Aug 27 2012]

Prototype on test pilot http://www.reallyco...om.au/bonus-freebie
[normzone, Aug 28 2012]


       ok, ill take it [+]
leinypoo13, Aug 27 2012

       After rubbing your hair all day, it will also stick to walls for easy storage. Added bonus if it protects you from construction site mishaps.
4and20, Aug 27 2012


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