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I care too much! button

raise your idea's placement on the main page
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Sometimes I have what I feel is a great idea, but the idea is bumped off of the main page by other ideas or comments before anyone comments on it. I could make the idea name funnier, but that is difficult and possibly misleading. I could keep changing the idea to keep it at the top, but that is rude.

I propose a button, labeled "I care too much!", that the poster of an idea can click to return their idea to the top of the list on the main page. Additionally, each time this button is clicked, the idea title is highlighted in a louder color. This button could be clicked once every 27 minutes. One click of the button is "undone" with each annotation someone else gives to the idea-- that is, if someone clicks the button 5 times, it takes 5 annotations to remove the highlighting from the idea's title.

To prevent overzealous clicking, each click increases the size of the fishbone icon by the idea's title. Additionally, if the button is used more than once, the idea cannot be deleted by the user, so the large fishbone will stain their profile forever.

sninctown, May 13 2008

the only idea i've had that i wish people had read more Tundra_20Treeline
anti-global warming thing that I think would work [FlyingToaster, May 13 2008]

A_20Rat_27s_20Ass [FlyingToaster, Jan 06 2011]


       you could just keep adding anno's to it.
FlyingToaster, May 13 2008

       Or try moving it out of other:general [Toast]
normzone, May 13 2008

       // you could just keep adding anno's to it.   

       At some point, that'll cause me to turn off your ability to bump an idea's modification date.   

       Realistically, this is a long-term forum. Many ideas here have their moment in the spotlight only once they show up in google when someone searches for something similar, years later. If you're posting with a view towards the kind of immediate gratification a social network or chat room gets you, you'll be frustrated, no matter what.   

       It would be interesting to have a forum that tries to bridge short- and long-term, where you can say "I'm sitting at my computer and am watching this" and have a brief chat about an idea, with mutual understanding that the text will scroll off the screen, and the idea text will change considerably.
jutta, May 13 2008

       //Or try moving it out of other:general [Toast]//   

       oh.... now showing a slightly more streamlined version (both the post and totally off-topic annos) in "science: terraforming: atmosphere"
FlyingToaster, May 13 2008

       I think it happens when another idea is grabbing everyone's attention. It's probably quite educational, for instance if you need to grab attention or otherwise market something, because it gives you a chance to discern why ideas don't attract interest, so i don't mind when it happens to me.
nineteenthly, May 13 2008

       what about a we-care-too-little button?
po, May 13 2008

       Or a this-is-a- good-idea-but-I-really- have-nothing -to-say-about-it button. I don't think posters should be able to bump their ideas at will. Get a hold of yourself, man.
daseva, May 13 2008


       congrat's on posting an idea thart is being anno'ed though.
evilpenguin, May 13 2008

       Ok, engineers are known for being obsessive & neurotic. But if you want to get along in this big bad world you gotta grow some thicker skin.. it's not all about you (or any of us (with the possible exception of jutta)). Alternatively, stop caring.
afinehowdoyoudo, May 13 2008

       I have effectively bumped my own idea when I have had the same idea years later, and thought to post it, but then on searching found my own original. I will then anno it with whatever new spin I had at that moment, as I would anyone elses idea.
bungston, May 14 2008

       I find instances of "awww nobody read it" are more or less balanced by instances of "wtf are people still going on about my dumbass idea for".
FlyingToaster, May 14 2008

       Most often this is done by adding relevant information in an anno. However there now exists a generic link <link> that can and should be used when words fail.
FlyingToaster, Jan 06 2011

       I found that people were liking my ideas more in neglect then they did in apogee.
WcW, Jan 06 2011


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