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I don't want to see things like that

when I'm browsing internet
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A user configurable list, ready for sharing, of categories the user don't want to see ever. Allowing search engines, facebook, etc. to use this information, that I really want they know, for filtering purposes, we can achieve a better browsing experience, or at least, a non disgusting one.
piluso, Nov 05 2015


       Like AdBlock but with extra categories for non-advert things to block?
pocmloc, Nov 05 2015

       How do you know this isn't already implemented? For example, perhaps your browser automatically filters out things like
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 05 2015

       You have my vote if you can convey this idea via lyrics to a country song in the Creedence mode. Chorus "I don't want to see things like that". sweet Bridge: things you would like to see. I can go ahead and imagine the music if your lyrics have intrinsic rhythm.
bungston, Nov 05 2015

       Yes, a personal censor. If you set it to disinclude incorrect grammar and spelling your surfing would be somewhat limited.
cudgel, Nov 05 2015

       If I write such a song [bungston], you could be my artist manager
piluso, Nov 05 2015

       // “absolutely no philosophy to appear on this browser, at all” //   

       That assumes that you and your browser share a consensus view on what constitutes "philosophy" .... which is difficult to verify objectively.
8th of 7, Nov 05 2015

       "There are more things in the internet, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
baconbrain, Nov 05 2015

       Do you see dead people then try the paranormal blocker it stops all the crazy aliens, demons and all sorts of zany things that go bump in the night. Using special red tape and aluminum foil guaranteed to work or your 4.95 back.
travbm, Nov 05 2015

       P sure I could get bungston a booking at the Grand ol Opry. The one in Glasgow, mind.
calum, Nov 06 2015

       I've seen dead people, it's overrated.   

       I guess working as a pathologist, it's a common occupational hazard...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 06 2015

       //A user configurable list...of categories//

Well I'm fairly certain that such software exists already. At least, I get a fairly rude message in my workplace browser about 'non-standard religions' whenever I try to visit any Satanism websites. Westboro Baptist seems OK though!

True, this isn't quite what you are describing but it does the same job.

Of course the 'configurable' bit is the nub of the issue. How do you define a category? How do you know if a website fits your definition? etc.
DrBob, Nov 06 2015

       //How do you define a category?// other:general   

       Anyway, the search engines already does this for targeted advertising. Would be like to ask them: please use this list to _not_ show things like a,b,c. What [pocmloc] said.
piluso, Nov 06 2015


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