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The Ice Diet
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If, instead of drinking 1 litre of water a day, you sucked an equivalent amount of ice, you'd *lose* roughly a 120 (kilo)calories. Just to melt ice and bring the water up to body temperature takes that much heat. Factor in inefficiencies in bodily heat conversion, and you have a guilt-free way to eat that extra sundae...
jaggi, Mar 30 2002

CarTalk: The Beer & Ice Diet http://cartalk.cars...aus/11-14-97-1.html
Includes math. [jutta, Mar 31 2002]


       ...and enjoy the giddy feelings dehydration can afford you.
mcscotland, Mar 30 2002

       The concept is sound, I've used the same type of reinforcers to prompt dieters to consider what their intake is doing to them. Relevant concepts such as "you burn calories to raise cold drinks to body temperature -- every little bit counts" or "if you part on the far corner of your work lot as opposed to the executive slot at the door, and do nothing else differently, you'll lose five pounds the first year" are snappy, seem personal, and get the desired result.   

       I believe that you should put this in realistic term, and by my figuring you do the ice thing daily for five weeks you will lose one pound -- but that's a good thing -- double the loss from changing to a new parking space.   

       Bit of extrapolation -- tastes like a croissant.
reensure, Mar 31 2002

       . . . as long as it comes in a rainbow of flavors and colors . . . .
Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 31 2002

       A litre of water? That's all. C'mon. Go for at least 3 litres.
waugsqueke, Mar 31 2002

       ow, ow, ow... I can feel the brain freeze now.   

       I think I've seen a calculation on how the (KILO)Calories in food far exceed the few calories needed to melt ice and bring it up to body temperature.   

       Besides, the body is constantly throwing off something like 75% of the energy it uses as excess heat, so the body may not even burn extra kilocalories to warm itself from icecubes. Your physiology may interpret it as neglible. When I eat ice cream, my body never starts shaking and shivering in an attempt to generate heat.   

       You might be better off building more muscle, which burns fuel 24 hrs a day.   

       Crap, I'm starting to sound like Richard Simmons. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!.
lumpy, Mar 31 2002


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