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Lego Cold Cuts and Food

Big sandwiches are very slippery.
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I love mayo. But it's slippery.

Cold cuts and cheeses (and heck why not lettuce) can be thin slices of lego shaped heaven (the flat lego base pieces, not the normal thicker ones).

The slices interlock with each other, and the bread can also be accordingly "nubbed" for integration. It'll be more effort to make a lego sandwich (now there IS a top and bottom to each cold cut) but it will be well worth it.

Lego crockery can also be an offshoot -- for airplane rides to ensure that the sandwich won't slide off the plate during ascent/descent.

The lego nubs provide the added benefit during discussions of how big a bite someone took -- "Did you see him take an eight- nub bite out of that turkey club ?"

For now, pressing the cold cuts into lego-shaped conformity is going to have to suffice, but SOMEDAY when Genetic engineering is REALLY taking hold, we can have the Lego cold cuts grown right off the Lego bone. (NOTE: GM is not being suggested here, but just a wish-list, so please don't MFD me)

I know we've had Lego jello here before, so perhaps this is redundant or should be an anno to that... But I'm hoping it has enough legs to stand on its own.

Will that be a Lego Croissant or Lego Fishbone ?

mahatma, May 06 2003

The Lego Croissant http://us.factory.l.../pab/?warning=false
Lego Croissants are now available from the Lego Shop. Click on the link above and then choose the "Accessories" category. The Lego Croissant is the fifth item down, price 12 pence. [hippo, Jan 06 2008]


       "Stop playing with your food!"
krelnik, May 06 2003

       Advice to Newbies: Always post food ideas around lunch or dinner time for better chance at croissants !   

       Wahooo !
mahatma, May 06 2003

       and lego always goes down well.   

       not sure how you intend putting those little knobby bits on the food but there you go.
po, May 07 2003

       I have seen lego candy, so I'm guessing this is not too far away from baking.   

       lego my sandwi... Hmmmm.
ato_de, May 07 2003

       [po} Knobby bits are result of pressing cold cuts into shape, then stacking. Heck.. if we can do it with plastic, then why not turkey ?!
mahatma, May 07 2003

       O.K. I'm game if you are
po, May 07 2003

       Genuine Lego Croissants are now available - see link. [Later: Sorry - posted this without noticing the other idea pointing out Lego Croissants are available...]
hippo, Jan 06 2008


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