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Laser Pointer Curling

Somebody's gonna go blind.
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In the sport of curling, one person throws a heavy stone along a lane of ice, and two teammates sweep rapidly with brooms to temporarily heat up the ice and thus adjust the trajectory of the stone. A senior team member, the "skip", guides the efforts of the sweepers.

Instead of brooms, give the sweepers laser pointers. Your standard laser pointer won't have much of an effect, which raises the number of required sweepers, possibly into the hundreds. So assign half of the surrounding stadium to each team, equip them all with laser pointers, and you have a highly collaborative and somewhat frantic sport.

The skip, standing near the apex of this mayhem, is at risk of blindness and possibly even spontaneous combustion. So, in a reversal of standard curling, the skip is the most dispensable player on each team.

tdl, Oct 07 2005


       piss on the ice. carling black label all round.
etherman, Oct 07 2005

       I like this. I recommend switching to black ice.
Worldgineer, Oct 07 2005

       I don't think I like curling very much but I think the fact that maybe the skip might blow up or go blind might make the sport more entertaining. Kind of like NASCAR. Croissant.
PollyNo9, Oct 07 2005

       Of course, there is the problem of aim. One person can aim a laser pointer just fine, using visual feedback from looking at the bright spot. A few thousand jiggling bright spots will remove this feedback. This phenomenon was demonstrated in Mythbusters when trying to recreate the theory that Roman warriors used the back sides of their shields to reflect sunlight and catch a ship on fire.
Worldgineer, Oct 07 2005

       Everyone sure seems to love MythBusters.
PollyNo9, Oct 07 2005

       All of a sudden I'm starting to like curling more. Despite [World]'s comments.
wagster, Oct 07 2005

       MythBusters is lovely because it porports to be about semi-scientific debunking, but it's primarily a showcase for the pyromania of those involved. That is, at the end of each "experiment", they invariably try to blow things up.
tdl, Oct 07 2005

       Which is why we like it. Sadly, it seems to be more or less the public's only shared access to raw experimentation (or really any experimentation, or science for that matter).
Worldgineer, Oct 07 2005

       I shall examine this MythBusters of which you speak.
wagster, Oct 07 2005

       "a few thousand jiggling bright spats will remove this fedback"   

       Well, that's easy - put scopes on the laser pointers. And some way of holding them steady, and a well positioned switch...
This event could be easy to sneak a gun into...
my-nep, Oct 08 2005

       The sweeping heats up the ice??? Wow, I thought the point of it was to remove ice skating grooves and slush left by the previous skaters, making the ice smoother. I had no idea!
phundug, Oct 08 2005

       //I thought the point of it was to remove ice skating grooves and slush left by the previous skaters, making the ice smoother.//   

       Um, why doesn't each team dedicate one member to skating around behind the thrown stone, chipping and creating misleading grooves? Or half the audience could do the same thing by concentrating their beams, of course.
Loris, Mar 29 2007


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