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Ice Cream Etc.

Sell ice cream andstuff like that right after funerals
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As I have seen overthe past few years. Alot of people eat when they are depressed. Can no one else see the goldmine here. Everyone has seen the sad chick with the tub of ice cream in her lap. Well think of how sad she will be at a funeral. If that fails then everyone really needs a stiff drink after a death in the family open a bar or a beer tent at the graveyard.While i was in germany me and a buddy sat at a beer tent all day and just zoned out. It was great.
Jojothepirate, Oct 19 2004


       Geez. Yeah, you could call it insta-wake.
bristolz, Oct 19 2004

       ...and if I dine before I wake...   

       If the food has as little taste as this idea you'll meet with few takers. (Well, except for undertakers).
david_scothern, Oct 19 2004


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