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Ice Cream wars

Ice cream vans of peace
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Timing as it maybe,the UN and other peace envoys of our world could arrive at their unsettled destination in a long convoy of ice cream vans with their chimes and tunes melodically helping them on their way.

They can offer a nice cold ice cream to the offending army and the locals to ease any conflict,and help the inspectors get the job done as everyone else is distracted by queuing up outside the vans serving hatches waiting to enjoy a nice cold ice cream of their choice fresh from the convoy of little colourful ice cream vans.

On the cooler days replace them with a convoy of mobile hot dog and veggie burger vendors.

skinflaps, Nov 19 2002

Camouflaged ice cream van http://www.cummfyba...hp?photo=79&catid=8
Perfect for jungle missions [skinflaps]

more harm than good? http://www.halfbake...m_20Truck_20Ho-Down [skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

more harm than good? http://www.halfbake...m_20Truck_20Ho-Down
[chud, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Pizza for the troops http://pizzaidf.org/
novel [skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Ice Cream Wars http://news.bbc.co....cotland/1958420.stm
Us mental scots have already had the pleasure of ice cream wars [Muzzanator, Mar 31 2005]


       Hmmm, I wonder what songs would be appropriate to play on the truck loudspeakers?
krelnik, Nov 19 2002

       whatever it is that ice cream vans ding-a-ling
skinflaps, Nov 19 2002

krelnik, Nov 19 2002

       Why not consider injecting the ice cream with a little cyanide for the force(s) that pose the biggest threat. Maybe ship some to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Houssein. That would bring new meaning to the phrase "death by chocolate".
drfowler, Nov 19 2002

       skin: Yay. Peace through raspberry ripple.   

       dr.f: You're a sick puppy. And I don't mean that in a good way.
st3f, Nov 20 2002

       Thanx, I think you are sweet too.
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       Hey !,cut it out or you'll get swished with a double choc-chip glace....now as you were.
skinflaps, Nov 20 2002

       But, what if I said I think I might enjoy that?
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       depends how you define 'swished'
skinflaps, Nov 20 2002

       [salachair]..thats not what i was i was i was i not was thinking.. .there you go i said it...
skinflaps, Nov 21 2002


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